Please help I am kinda noob XD


I erm was writing a story then I did one line of code on the computer then pressed save a preview and I do not know how to do it on the computer very well now I can not write on mobile anymore?!


Once you edit a mobile story on your computer, it no longer is mobile.

If you still want to continue your story, you can make a new mobile story and transfer your ideas on there. However, if you decide to give coding on computer a chance, I recommend you to watch Joseph Evans tutorial videos on YouTube. In the beginning, I’m going to confess I really wanted to write a story since I loved the app so much, but once I saw his tutorials, I immediantly clicked out since it seemed really hard to me. I sticked to writing a mobile story, but then later on decided to give coding a try. Of course, in the beginning it will be difficult, but everyone gets better! I’ll be happy to help if you decide to give coding a try :blush: :heart:

Hope I could help :grin:

Keep in mind this was only some time ago, it doesn’t take years or months, in fact, once you get the hang of it you’ll realize how easy it is compared to other codings!




No problem! :blush:


I am watching his video right now XD


Lol, tell me if it isn’t confusing. For me it was at first lol :joy:


I got the basics from looking at the code from what I wrote for the mobile version


But I do not know how to remove people from one set and add them back later or to a certain position or make choices or make choices that can change your outfit or have a custom character code.


@CHARACTER exits left/right AND CHARACTER faces left/right AND CHARACTER does it while animation goes here

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to screen center/right/left AND CHARACTER faces right/left AND CHARACTER does it while animation goes here

Once you get the hang of screen center/left/right, you will be able to grasp the idea of spot directing better :blush:


You would replace the screen center/left/right with the spot directing code.


kk how do you know the perfect positon?!


@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces left/right

<<-- This is the coding to help you manage the spot directing for later on.

Then move your character around in the preview on the computer, and it will allow you to copy and paste the coding! You just have to add where they face, and the animation!


@CHARACTER enters from left to spot paste coding in time/seconds AND CHARACTER faces left/right AND CHARACTER does it while animation goes here


Okay thanks!


@Dara.Amarie made customizing easier, and the templates are AMAZING! Directions are on that thread, hope you find it useful! :blush:

Also if you have more questions, you can message me :heart:

#15 This is what I have so far tell me how it is okay?


I’m gonna check it out rn! :upside_down_face:


kk and I am making edits!


It’s pretty good. The only things I would say are the grammar mistakes, some parts where the characters exit (spot directing) and that would be it! :blush: I can tell it is a Fantasy, and it is important to have choices that matter, so I’m glad you put that in your story. :heart:


Yea I know I type a bit fast also I had this in mind even before the Fantasy thing.


No, I wasn’t talking about the contest, I was talking about your story in general because some Fantasy stories are hard to tell if that really is their genre :blush:

If you have any questions I might be able to answer them tomorrow, since I have to go to sleep, goodnight! :heart: