Please help I am kinda noob XD

@CHARACTER exits left/right AND CHARACTER faces left/right AND CHARACTER does it while animation goes here

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to screen center/right/left AND CHARACTER faces right/left AND CHARACTER does it while animation goes here

Once you get the hang of screen center/left/right, you will be able to grasp the idea of spot directing better :blush:

You would replace the screen center/left/right with the spot directing code.

kk how do you know the perfect positon?!

@CHARACTER stands screen center AND CHARACTER faces left/right

<<-- This is the coding to help you manage the spot directing for later on.

Then move your character around in the preview on the computer, and it will allow you to copy and paste the coding! You just have to add where they face, and the animation!


@CHARACTER enters from left to spot paste coding in time/seconds AND CHARACTER faces left/right AND CHARACTER does it while animation goes here

Okay thanks!

@Dara.Amarie made customizing easier, and the templates are AMAZING! Directions are on that thread, hope you find it useful! :blush:

Also if you have more questions, you can message me :heart: This is what I have so far tell me how it is okay?

I’m gonna check it out rn! :upside_down_face:

kk and I am making edits!

It’s pretty good. The only things I would say are the grammar mistakes, some parts where the characters exit (spot directing) and that would be it! :blush: I can tell it is a Fantasy, and it is important to have choices that matter, so I’m glad you put that in your story. :heart:

Yea I know I type a bit fast also I had this in mind even before the Fantasy thing.

No, I wasn’t talking about the contest, I was talking about your story in general because some Fantasy stories are hard to tell if that really is their genre :blush:

If you have any questions I might be able to answer them tomorrow, since I have to go to sleep, goodnight! :heart:


I have a warning for this line and I have no idea why can you help? @MOM walks to screen left in zone 2 THEN MOM faces right MOM starts idle

Oh I see it after I write it XD there is no AND


@MAX (talk_think)
Is this her?

@LUCY (talk_exclaim_yes)
Yep look she has the necklace of the rainbow planet!
For some reason, the line “is this her?” is an error do you know why?

You shouldn’t add ‘@’ in front of your character name.
Just write-

MAX (talk_think)
Is this her?

LUCY (talk_exclaim_yes)
Yep look she has a necklace of the rainbow planet!

Hope this helps you @kittycatceb

Thanks and I figured it out XD

Glad to know.

Maybe you can help me.