PLEASE Help I don't know what to do


Try tacking the space out between outfit2 and the bracket. Sometimes that’s why

  1. On line 271 and 272 you need to write:
    MIA (animation)
    So? Which one?

  2. On line 276 if you want your character to do an animation without saying anything do this:

@CHARACTER is animation

  1. On line 287 there shouldn’t be anything after this barcket {, you need to move
    MIA (dustoff_loop) to line 288, but first change it to @CHARACTER is animation.
    And the same goes for the third choice.


Thank you so much it worked. But now it also does something else


Thank you :blush:


You need to place the bracket from line 281 and 300 after @MIA is dustoff_loop ( and get rid of those () around dustoff_loop)


Here are two simple dressing templates (one for INK and one for Limelight), that you can use:


When you’re tagged unintentionally… xD


Sorry :sweat_smile:


I’m so sorry to ask your help all the time but it’s my first story and I don’t get it haha

I did what you said but…


xD Don’t worry about it, I’ve had this happen to me like 10 times lol


@MIA is (dustoff_loop)
Get rid of those ()


Bracket placement ({}) is important when you code a choice. This is just an example. But try to place your brackets like I did in the example below:

“choice 1” {
Your scene here

“choice 2” {
Your scene here

“choice 3” {
Your scene here



Thank you so much it finally worked


Do you perhaps also know what this is?:sweat_smile:


You use
@cut to zone 2


Thanks I’m really feeling dumb right now


so sorry to ask your help again.


@CHLOE is talk_repulsed


And also the same thing for Mia on line 362 :blush:


You can search Joseph Evans on YouTube and you can find some really helpful tutorials there as well :heart: