Please help! i need help editing my story!



I need help. So I want to use the app to edit my story that I’m writing on the computer but I’ve run out of replays. I know that a lot of people use the app to edit so how do you not run out of replays?


What do you mean?


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I want to use directing helper on the app but I can’t because of replays


Thank you so much


You should get like unlimited replays


I don’t have it


I don’t think it’s possible to run out of replays



That’s what it always says


Oh that no I don’t think u can replay it again


Well thank you so much.


If you ran out of replays, the best way to restart your story is…
Go to your story,
Press Navigation, than hit reset story progress.


Thank you so much❤️
It worked.


Yayy! :smiley:


@Sydney_H Problem solved! :slight_smile:


You shouldn’t be replaying your story. Go to the create section in the app and you should be able to test all your stories there. Don’t tap on the 3 dots at the bottom. Just tap on the tabs that are on the top right corner of the screen to update, restart, or to navigate through your episodes.


Thank you😊



Solved and closed. :wink: