PLEASE HELP. I need help with my writing and plot



Hi! I am writing my first story and I feel like everything is moving to quickly, but at the same time I need a lot of things to happen first before the “real story” begins for it to make sense so I feel like everything is kinda boring. I also think the scenes change to fast. Should I take a sample of my story and put it online here? Sorry if this made no sense. I guess I just don’t know if its good or not. Any advice?


I recommend you probably starting from the present and then at a certain scene you get a flashback . if that makes sense


Thank you, I think I’m going to try this!


Hey!! It was kinda hard to understand but i got it!! You need somethig to disctract the readers before actully the story, like, idk, like a little action before the BOOM of the story and i think i have something that could work with your story.
Right now you are kind of introducing the BOOM of the story so you shoul put some details right now and in the BOOM make the happen. For exemple, im doing an action story, so at the beginnig i say that no ona has discovered, idk, a secter island, for exemple, but the when the explrers go to the island there’s already people there so they need to steel the treasure.
I hope this helps you, if you need ideas or something just writ to me in private


Yes, my story is somewhat like that in the sense that the reader has a lot to learn before the official story starts. I also feel like my plot might be a little to confusing. I have the reader living with her grandmother who goes missing and she has to go to a foster home for 3 weeks. If they don’t find her grandma by then, she will go to live with her aunt in California. The reason I did this was because I thought it made more sense because right when her grandma goes missing it seems a little to much to immediately send her across the country to live with her aunt because she might be found again soon. What do you think I should do for this? Should I not put her in a foster home for 3 weeks and send her straight to California instead? After my character moves in with her aunt she learns she is a spy (thats why her grandma is missing) and she attends a spy school. That is when the story officially starts. I want to do a flashback, but I don’t know where to start the story then in that time line. I jus feel this may be to complicated for the reader. SORRY, I wrote so much, but I am really struggling with it. Any advice on where I should start in that time from from her grandmas house to going to a new school and what I should do with the foster home?


I think the girl should be in the foster those 3 weeks because there the girl can now more about her aunt and she can start suspecting about her aunt, she can make friends in the foster that will be useful for her later in the story.


Yeah, I agree with @isa1 with the whole making important friends thing. I think it’s a really good idea! Your story sounds really good and it slightly reminds me of Barely Lethal (if anyone’s watched that), so I’m really excited for your story :grin: can you message me when you publish it?


I sure will, can’t wait to publish! If you want any updates my insta is episode.emma


Thank you for the advice. I’m definitely going to try and work with that to see how my story plays out!



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