Please help! i need help

i am new i have no idea how you make a story and really want to make one

Hi @Txmblrallie and welcome to the Episode forums! I’m sure many of our talented authors would be more than happy to help you so sit tight for a response. If you ever need any assistance with anything to do with the forums please reach out to either myself or our forum moderator @Sydney_H with any questions you might have! Enjoy your stay :smiley:

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What do you need help with

You can create a story by going to and logging in with the same account you use to log into the app. From here, you can create a story in whichever style you’d like. There’s lots of tutorials and template on the site as well to help you get to grasp with the basics. Good luck with your story! :slight_smile:

Like how i my charaters can go into the picture

Here you go he helped me and he is great at explaining rules and everything else.

I if you have the story idea in your mind you can find a parnter to do directing

@character enters from left/right to screen center/left/right
@character exits from left/right

@CHARACTER enters from left/right to screen center/right/left

if you want them to stand somewhere without entering in.
@CHARACTER stands screen center/right/left or use the spot.

If you want character to walks when it’s already standing.
@CHARACTER walks to screen center/left/right

If you want to make character exit.
@CHARACTER exits left/right/center

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If you want to watch YouTube video’s that’s one way. Joseph Evan’s it good to start on, then once you get the hang on writing on Episode Interactive you can then go onto EpisodeEllyYT for more advanced coding. Or you can stick to Joseph Evan’s. Which ever you prefer. There are many more tutorials too. They are just some of the one’s I watched, hope this helped!
~ SLT. :heart:

I have learned a lot from the tutorials from Joseph Evans on utube an @Apes and @Dara.Amarie xxx

and all the said I wrote on notepad then you also templates I copied them to, and the more I wrote the more I knew. If you give me your email I can send them to you. If you add me to Instagram you have access to my google drive and there are a lot off templates. it is a link tree link.
And if you have a problem you ask here, everyone is willing to help, in the beginninge @Apes and @Dara.Amarie went crazy with me lol
And most of all read stories you learn much