Please help! Idk what I’m doing :(

The scenes keep merging together Individually they work fine but when I run them together they become glitchy

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For your second scene, put the spot directing command before the zone command and use a & symbol for it. Like:

&CANDACE spot xyz
@cut to zone 2

I would also suggest changing the last command in your first scene to have an @ symbol. You could even combine it with the line above it using the word “and”.

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In addition to the & - @ change for the spot directing, you may also want to set a time for the commands where Candace is walking. When traveling a short distance, especially within a single zone, I’ve found that the characters often appear glitchy when moving if there is no written time. Therefore:

On lines 30 & 32…

@.CHARACTER walks to spot x y z in zone # in # of seconds

I hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! I’m sorry I haven’t responded earlier ur a life saver <3

It didnt work i dont really know how to work with seconds

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