Please help if/elif/else codes not working

Hi I am having problems with episode remembering my flags. Neither of my two choices are working and it has been carried over from my previous episode.

I have tried doing if/ elif/ else nothing seems to work I have also tried goto chose_help but nothing it just plays the scene after and doesn’t even register my choice flags
It is really pivotal that these flags work as it takes the reader to different scenes with different out comes

Are there only two outcomes? If so try:
if ( chose_help) {
else {
I think you only need one label if you have just two outcomes.
Have you tried looking on your phone if it works?

Yes there are but I first set it up as if(chose_help)
Else(chos_no_way) but it kept coming up error then I changed it to if / if and it saved but it skips my flags when playing out the story!! It’s soooo annoying.
I’ve read all the episode examples and watched YouTube tutorials but nothing is working.

I’ve now put in goto chose_help and moved the dialogue and done the same for the second choice then created a label to go back to the normal script dialogue just waiting to see if this is going to work as it has saved without problems. :pray::pray:

Ok so I done this and so far it is working​:pray::pray:

Thank you for responding to my post!
Hopefully this can help someone else out if they have had the same problem.
It took me a few attempts at playing with this flagging code but allswellthatendswell

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