Please Help- I'm beginner

I don’t know what to do, I have a basic idea of i’m going to do, theres gonna be a girl thats super athletic and wants to play football but the school won’t let her, she has two friends, 1 thats goth and 1 thats a boy and is already on the football team, a transfer student comes and helps her get on the team and they fall in love. I don’t know what to do in between😭 Help!


Okay well i would recommend figuring out some drama things and plot twists that could happen and then placing them in a time line. If that even makes sense.

Soo some ideas could be:

The new transfer student could be in love with the MC’s guy best friend but the guy best friend is straight. (as it would be very predictable if you make the transfer student and the MC date)

Some Family drama could happen (maybe a wedding or a funeral?)

There could be another new student (that comes in like halfway through the story) and is also a girl and wants to get the MC kicked off the football team?

And because they are in high school which means they are making mistakes and they are learning about life so maybe you could have some big life decisions in there. And maybe the MC has to choose between football and something else.

One of the football players could injure themselves.

I can’t think of anymore rn but i hope i helped!

OMG, thx so much!

your welcome! let me know if you need any more help.

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hyey can you proofread one episode for me?

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Maybe talk about other topics such as sexism and showing how anyone can be capable of things. Show some life lessons, such as how hard work can get you a long way. Show the characters work and grow together.

Add some additional drama, like friendship drama. Maybe the 3 friends get into a fight over the football team or over the transfer student. Maybe one friend gets jealous that the MC is spending more time with the transfer student, feeling as if the MC has abandoned them.

i just want you to proofread

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i can if you’d like.

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watch joseph evans on yt he explains it all

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