Please help, I'm new


Hi, I’m new to writing stories and I know this is a dumb question, but how do i now where “spots / positions” are for different backgrounds (like: spot 1.18 300 100)


how do I make characters stand in the background?

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You can use the ‘Directing Helper’ from the preview. When you click Directing Helper, there is the ‘Spot Helper’. You can play around with that and change the spotting to wherever you want to person to be.

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For spot directing - in the preview on the right of the writer’s portal, press on “directing helper” then put “spot helper” then move your character around to where you want them to stand on the background. Below the previewer will be a set of numbers. Simply copy and post those numbers and place them into your script. That is now where your character will stand. If you need any more help or a clearer explanation, let me know.

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Check out this guide: Spot Directing (Moving Characters Around)



Try going to Joseph Evans youtube he gives a tutorial on all your episode.

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