Please help im so confused

I literally have “spot” there already.

deleted my other response because i realized you’ve got the spot coordinates messed up, try re spotting the character and pasting it into the script again.

also, remove the space that’s infront of that line too.

on line 6347, you can’t have a blank between. Close the space until the @ is touhcing the beginning of the line


Yeah that’s correct! And also try re spotting the characters and paste the exact number that episode has given you.

These guys are right that line 6347 is indented when it shouldn’t be. I also noticed your “scale” spot is incorrect. The scale can be up to be four numbers, ie. 1.000., but cannot include things like dashes. So yours being 1.28- would display an error.

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The scale does not need to be 4 numbers. I’ve written 1, 1.2, 1.23, 1.234 and they’ve all worked. But, yes, you can’t have the dash. 1.28- would definitely cause an error.

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Sorry, I should’ve clarified. Since it’s a decimal it doesn’t have to be four digits, as long as the last one or two are zeros, as decimals just assume it’s there. If you want a further fraction there does have to be additional digits,


All good.

I feel like maths is going on here :joy:


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