Please help, I'm trying to find an episode story :(

Hey!! I’m currently trying to look for a past story on Episode. When I first read the story I believed it was in 2018? The story was in INK and you had 3 LI. One love interest was the quarterback of your high school and he was very popular. I think he was even the crush of the MC at the very beginning of the story. The second LI was your new neighbor and he’s really rowdy but then he shares a compassion for music. And later on in the Episode he starts getting recognition as a rockstar. (I think I can’t remember) Your third love interest is an old childhood bestfriend who was your older brother’s bsf I think? Anyways the third love interest goes through the military and comes back to your hometown. Um…throughout the story you’re just trying to figure out who you want to be with while these guys are trying to fight for your affection. I also remember you have I think 2 or 3 girl bestfriends who you’re very close to but one of your friends gets together with your older brother and they have good chemistry. BUT THEN- your bsf cheats on your brother because she has a sexual crisis and she can’t tell if she wants to be with him ,or if she wants to be free and love on both boys and girls. In the end she ends up with your brother. UM, I HOPE I’M MAKING SENSE. This is my first post and I really need help on finding this story please :weary:

P.s. In the story I remember you’re in high school and at the very end you and all your friends graduate. And you choose who you’d want to be with and you get to help support the man you choose on their career path. The quarterback gets recruited at a very big university to become a quarterback for their school. The rockstar guy becomes a literal celebrity (I think??) I don’t remember the ending for the military guy :sob:

Is it this one?

I haven’t read it so I’m just guessing with the cover and description.


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I have read it, I believe this is indeed the one that OP is talking about, everything matches perfectly. If not, I have no clue.


YES!! Omg, thank you so much. :relaxed:


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