Please help it’s so important

so basically when I preview my stories i can’t see the text or the person talking and the boxes on the side are also blank and it’s really frustrating because I can’t do anything


please somebody help

try reloading the webpage or closing your windows

yeah i already did it so many times , i even restarted my computer

please can somebody help me ? i tried everything !
i restarted my computer, closed the windows, changes wifi and reloaded the page

are there any errors in your script?


send a ticket in, it’s probably a bug

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idk if i’m stupid but what do you mean by “a ticket” ?
:joy: sorry i’m probably just super dukb


She means, send a Support ticket, click here to go straight to the ticket.
What it’ll bring you too is a form to fill out with the issue and episode will get back to you asap on what to do, or what might be wrong and will give you help with your issue!

Don’t forget to go into the app, under settings, and copy your Support ID, cause you’ll be needing that!

Hope this helps :two_hearts:

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Also, if I may suggest, you should try to preview it in the app aswell to get more info for the team as to what might be happening. There might be different solutions to if it’s just a glitch in the portal vs if it’s also a glitch in the app! :smile:

There’s been glitches and stuff lately ( (idk what they got going on) so like they said just send a support ticket.

thank you so much ! i just sent them a ticket , hope they’ll fix it

thank you !

yeah i heard that there’s a lot of glitches

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No problem! I hope it all works out! :heartpulse:

It still doesn’t work , nothing works :frowning:

Have you sent a support ticket yet?