Please help it says unexpected elif elif


} elif(MediumStyles) {


Which medium style do you want?

choice “Medium Braided” {

@ASHLEY changes hair into Medium Braided

} “Medium Curly Solid” {

@ASHLEY changes hair into Medium Curly Solid

} “Medium Dreadlocks” {

@ASHLEY changes hair into Medium Dreadlocks

} “Straight Medium” {

@ASHLEY changes hair into Straight Medium


I would need to see the command higher up. You’ve cut off the important part.


The if/elif/else works just like how choices work: everything needs to be inside of the brackets. The way you have it now, you closed off the “elif” part

if (blah) {

[script here]

} elif (blah) {

[script here]

} else {

[script here]