PLEASE HELP! Male Avatar 1 not showing up in customization

I’m not really sure what’s going on here. I copy and pasted the customization template for MALEAVATAR1, followed all the proper directions to change the avatar to my main characters name. I have the FEMALEAVATAR1 customization before the male one. I wrote the same entrances for both characters. My female character shows up and I can customize her, but the male doesn’t show up in either the preview (on the script) or on the app. I tried refreshing my page, logging back in, resetting the zoom after the first customization, and even deleted and repasted the template back into my script.

Send screenshot of your script.

Maybe try it without Spot Directing first?
So try:
@WESLEY enters from right to screen center
I think it could be a bug.

So take out the @WESLEY spot 2.400 …
and replace it with just him entering from left to center?

Try it, if that doesn’t work it could be an error on episodes side and I would just try to reload it later on. Have you already tried playing it on the app? Does he show up there?

It’s just strange because it worked for my 1st female customization and also my 2nd male customization with the spot. But I will try it without as well.
I did try it on the app and no, he didn’t show up their either. I added in this customization last night and tried everything I saw on forums. Let me try doing what you said and I’ll let you know!

This does sound strange. Did you try to specify the zone?
Maybe he was generated in the wrong one. Otherwise I would definitely try and contact Episode.

I fixed it! I think I was putting @WESLEY 's entrance after the spot placing by accident. But this is what I ended up making work. Thank you for your help! :blush:

That’s great!
And it is really no problem, I think these things happen to everyone at some point ((:

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@Jeremy I think this can be closed.

@nat_episode has this been resolved? If so please mark the post containing the answer as solved and we will close the thread for you. Thanks!

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