Please help me ! Can someone can make a cover for me :)


Hey you ! i’m Nour and i need someone to make me a cover for story !

I REALLY need it so please someone, … I will appreciate it SM !

And of i will give you credit and maybe you will be a character in my new story !

Thank You ! :slight_smile:


Me and my friend can help go here :grin:


If they cant episode harmony can

Examples here


omg ty <3


Password: WaterWalker
Who do You Want To do it? : Madison
Style (Ink, Limelight or Classic): INK
What type of cover? (Real people cover/Episode Characters Based Cover): Episode Characters based Cover
Title: The Night Is Still Young
Authors Name: Nour.C
Short Summary of your story (2 -3 sentences would be perfect): Aria had a broken past and can’t think she can move on
but what happens when she meets a mysterious and hot boy…Will she be able to change her mind ?
Genre?: Drama,Romance
Any specific backgrounds?: EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT
Any Specific fonts?: bold
Character details (Screenshotted with pose or typed out)

Characters outfits (Allowed to do custom outfits): their outfit are the same as the pictures
How do you want your cover to look like?: Well i want the background (EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT) blurry ( if you can do it ofc :slight_smile: ) and i want the boy (DYLAN) to be left and the girl (ARIA) to be right. I want them to be a little close to each other and doing the animation on the pictures ( both of them to the animation talk_apethatic) and the title is on top of them but not too close to them please
Size? (Small cover, large cover, both): both large and small cover :slight_smile:
Anything else you want me to add? (Glitters, sparkles etc.): no thank you
Please if you can do that i will be


i can do it but later this evening, unless you already find someone. xxx


you can see my art i made on my profile on instagram zoekezoef-episode there are under my name circkels and one off them is art i made.


Yeah that will be cool thank you I appriciate it :blush:


The details you need are already here


go to art resources I have my own cover and art page where you have to put mine things I need, I create my characters myself, I have other demands xxx
i will start this evening. I like it to be perfect so it will take 2 or 3 days because i am going to move and we are packing but if everting goes well it might be ready tomorow xxx


Okay ty and take your time :):blush:



Do your request there and read the rules for covers xxx


Okay :slight_smile:


Can someone help me do an episode cover? I just need someone to replace a character to another character. Please help me! If you are willing to help me text me here or at my gmail Thank you!


Episode harmony can


Ok thanks.


You still need?