Please help me ! Can someone can make a cover for me :)

Hey you ! i’m Nour and i need someone to make me a cover for story !

I REALLY need it so please someone, … I will appreciate it SM !

And of i will give you credit and maybe you will be a character in my new story !

Thank You ! :slight_smile:


Me and my friend can help go here :grin:

If they cant episode harmony can

Examples here

omg ty <3

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Password: WaterWalker
Who do You Want To do it? : Madison
Style (Ink, Limelight or Classic): INK
What type of cover? (Real people cover/Episode Characters Based Cover): Episode Characters based Cover
Title: The Night Is Still Young
Authors Name: Nour.C
Short Summary of your story (2 -3 sentences would be perfect): Aria had a broken past and can’t think she can move on
but what happens when she meets a mysterious and hot boy…Will she be able to change her mind ?
Genre?: Drama,Romance
Any specific backgrounds?: EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT
Any Specific fonts?: bold
Character details (Screenshotted with pose or typed out)

Characters outfits (Allowed to do custom outfits): their outfit are the same as the pictures
How do you want your cover to look like?: Well i want the background (EXT. JUVIE ROOFTOP - NIGHT) blurry ( if you can do it ofc :slight_smile: ) and i want the boy (DYLAN) to be left and the girl (ARIA) to be right. I want them to be a little close to each other and doing the animation on the pictures ( both of them to the animation talk_apethatic) and the title is on top of them but not too close to them please
Size? (Small cover, large cover, both): both large and small cover :slight_smile:
Anything else you want me to add? (Glitters, sparkles etc.): no thank you
Please if you can do that i will be

i can do it but later this evening, unless you already find someone. xxx

you can see my art i made on my profile on instagram zoekezoef-episode there are under my name circkels and one off them is art i made.

Yeah that will be cool thank you I appriciate it :blush:

The details you need are already here

go to art resources I have my own cover and art page where you have to put mine things I need, I create my characters myself, I have other demands xxx
i will start this evening. I like it to be perfect so it will take 2 or 3 days because i am going to move and we are packing but if everting goes well it might be ready tomorow xxx

Okay ty and take your time :):blush:

Do your request there and read the rules for covers xxx

Okay :slight_smile:

Can someone help me do an episode cover? I just need someone to replace a character to another character. Please help me! If you are willing to help me text me here or at my gmail Thank you!

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Episode harmony can

Ok thanks.

You still need?