PLEASE help me code this!

I want the character to go into the building and then disappear.
This is the background.

This background. pv1_back_EXT_OFFICE_5733935958982656_354bceb7a0afa1094408ae80857ec6bb

Well, I don’t have my PC now, but I’ll try to explain it to you. It’s easy.


You choose a starting position for example
@MC spot a x y
Then you choose the spot where she enters the building.
@MC walks to spot b x y
Then you use the comand THEN and the code should look like this;
@MC spot a x y
@MC walks to spot b x y THEN remove MC
If you want her to walk rear, then this is the code you need to use
@MC spot a x y
@MC walks to spot b x y AND MC faces right AND MC is walk_rear (idk if that’s the name of animation)THEN remove MC

I hope I helped:)

I want them to get smaller as they walk towards the building.

It’s no problem just make them smaller in the second position (b), that’s why I put a and b

@CHARACTER walks to spot % X Y in zone # in S

% = the height of the character
X= left to right (the character walks from left to right or right to left)
Y=Character goes from top to bottom or from bottom to top when walking
S= time, in seconds

(zone # and S are optional btw)


you can make the character smaller using the spot helper

But I want to make them smaller as they walk…means while walking.

use something like walk_neutral to give the effect of walking

@MIA walks from spot 1.140 171 78 to spot 0.535 234 243 AND does it while walk_neutral

I suggest watching a tutorial for this kind of thing. The ‘becoming smaller’ is part of spot direction.

Can you send me the link ?
Because I have watched almost every video for spot directing …and now my head is spinning.

you need to spot direct your character to where you want them to start. Then in the preview or the app, shrink them to where you want them to walk to. Put the spot numbers in your script. The character will automatically get smaller -
@CHAR spot 1.100 30 30
&CHAR walks to spot 0.875 150 90 in 5 AND CHAR does it while walk_rear AND CHAR faces left
The spot numbers are as follows (as explained above) height, horizontal, vertical. You Should practice with spot directing. It’s easy once you know how!

At the end they are standing what can I do to make them disappear?

Say for example you character is now standing at spot 0.500 40 50 you can use the preview or app to move your character off the screen. The spots should look something like this 0.500 -40 50 OR you can use the command remove (although I’ve never used this command) -
@remove CHAR
CHAR will be your characters name

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you can end the scene while theyre walking

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Thank you so much for helping.
Please tell me the animation for character staring (funny)?

You’re welcome. And that would be the end of the flirt_fingersnap animation :slight_smile:

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