Please help me critique my stories!

Please help me critique the following stories:
-2) Can I Catch A Break
-3) K & T: Talent School releases tomorrow afternoon.
4) Dark Secrets: When Evil Meets It’s Match

Thank you!

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if you’d like, i can help?

Yes please! What do you need, I’m new! Can you search me?

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for sure! just give me ur @//
or you can copy and paste the link? either way works

I’m not sure how to find that but here is my link for Can I Catch A Break and Penelope.

Thank you!

The app don’t let me search. How are you finding stories?

the links didn’t work, i think because they got cut off. if you sent at least one link then i can go to ur profile and find the rest

Ok, my name is Penelope Cruz.

does this help?

copy and paste that link on here so i can go straight to it, that should work

Thank you! I’ll post the others too!

Did you find me?