Please Help Me Edit a Background!


I really need help with editing this background to have open doors instead of closed ones:

Please help ASAP :heart:


I can try, only try tho idk if i can manage to do it


Aww I would really appreciate that!


Do you want me to resize it btw?


Sure, if you can. Maybe to a 1 zone image background?


I have an idea for what you could replace it with…


Hey, so I edited this background if u didn’t find anything. I made it look like there’s a light so like we don’t know what’s behind. I hope u like it :grinning:


Woah, it’s perfect! Thank you. :smiley:


I tried


I love them alll, thank you so much!




Hey, I hate to be a pain in the butt, but could you edit it with the whole background? I like the black background though


Hehe I love it, but could it be black?


The black on the inside?


Yep :slight_smile:


Here you go:


Ahhh tysm :heart_eyes:


Your image cut off some of the background, I know it’s petty but could you please change this? :smiley:


Oof i would but i accidently deletes the canvas :X


X( Aww man that’s okay I will try to make it myself