Please help me find a story! :(

Hey, I need help too - I’m searching for a story that I read one or two years ago and I just can’t remember the name :sob:
It was an ink story, genre romance and you could customize the main character and the love interest. The main character was always reading romantic novels but has not been able to find true love yet. Her brother and his wife as well as her friends who are all married always try to get her to go to dates. Then she meets a handsome stranger in a coffee shop and takes him with her to a trip (I guess, I’m not really sure!!) with all of her married friends where he is supposed to pretend that he is her boyfriend and they and up falling in love for real.
It was quite a long story and I think there was a car crash near to the end but I’m not sure.
I hope anyone remembers this story and could tell me the name :cry:

I believe this sounds like Unconventional? o:

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You are my hero thank youuu :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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This Unconventional by Lovessuperstarr. She just completed it in ink and LL, there are bonus chapters out too!

Is it this


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Hi there I’m trying to find a story I’m not really sure how to describe it but it’s about a girl that moves to a different country and becomes a life guard at a hotel for some reason I’m thinking of “three kings hotel” not sure if it’s connected, and she meets a man aka the guy that owns the hotel and he has purple eyes and she nicknames him lavender and it’s a mafia type story