Please help me find a story🫠

PSA🚨 Pretty please, I need quick help with the name of this episode!! This girl from the south has grey eyes, she’s an assassin that works for her dad?
From the south and she’s really short.
She goes to uni and finds a big Mexican tatted cartel leader I think and they get into some weird love hate thing?
Pleaseeee it’s disappeared from my favourites and I need updates!
Send help you man pls🥲
What’s it called?:weary:


Ego Season by lolo.writes?
I had that saved but I can’t seem to find it :neutral_face:

I think she has stopped writing in the episode community sadly :frowning:
She has a story on her Instagram explaining if you did mean the story Ego Season.

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i need help.
i read a story. I need quick help with the name of this episode!
it about a girl who was born in to a mafia family and she is forced to marry a mafia leader (befor that the are force to pretent to be datimg )for a unent. Befor that she get a job at a job compeny. There where she mets her fucture fiance. Also she start forking as a school teacher where the brother of the fiance is in school there. She has a brother and sister. And the fiance has a brother. Her bodyguard call her lady … and her name i dont remember her name. PLS HELP THANK YOU

Damnnn that’s pain, thank you anyway🙏🏻

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Why did she stop writing it, it was so good😢

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I know I was so sad :sleepy: but she’s writing it as a book!

Wait what?! Where is it going to be sold?!

I have no idea! Her Instagram has updates about it lolo.writes! I saw her mention it on there :blush:

Hey there! I’m trying to figure out the name of a story of a girl that has an illness regarding her lungs but does not tell anyone, wears all black, struggles paying for Uni. She then meets a guy that will say he will pay for her school if she dates/keeps tabs on his wild son. She agrees and actually falls in love with the son. They bond over the book-pride and prejudice. I want to say the girls name is robin…?! The guy loves the color blue on the girl and buys her a pretty blue dress for a formal then finds out she’s only dating him cuz of the money and all that drama!

Any help would be appreciated! Thank you : )

i lost this story it started off with my ex cheating on me in a shower with his ‘ side chick ‘ then i dump him and move into my friends house and start in this fast food place when this man justin tanner walks in and we go into the public bathrooms the next day at work my work friend turns on the tv and starts watching the soccer when i notice justin on the tv anyone know this story please help

love games i think sorry it i am wrong

Hi I need help finding a story on episode I don’t remember much unfortunately but I remember the main character going out the back door into a back ally. And she sees a gang, I believe they are attacking someone, she swears she saw nothing but they feel see saw to much at took her back to the boss and I believe she unds up with him but I don’t remember and I want to read it again please someone help :sweat_smile:

I think I could be criminal tendencies by ally.writes_

Is it the skeleton flower? It sounds very similar.