Please help me find a story

A couple months ago I was reading this story that was almost exactly like Hannah Montana. The MC had to wear a wig and she had a weird name that rhymes with Hannah Montana( I think you could change it though). Anywho, I don’t know what happened but I just remembered it and for some reason it’s not saved to my library. I remember the last episode I read she walked into her crushes house when he was having a party and she saw him kissing some other girl. Please help because I can’t find it anywhere and it’s DRIVING. ME. NUTS!!


Was it Double Life (INK) by Sharnaye?
She’s also the author of Camp Stillwater (INK)
From her instagram, I get this picture (one of her posts):

Hmm? :thinking::yellow_heart:

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If it is the one above, yeah same goes for me, it’s not showing up on the app and it sucks, because I loved this story a lot! :grin::black_heart:

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Oh my gosh yes that’s it!!! Thank you so much!!!

It honestly is a great story!! I wonder why it’s not showing up?

I just stalked her IG and her last posts states that Double Life was removed for a violation and she didn’t notice/check her emails.

NO :frowning:
I had a feeling that is exactly what happened, and when I saw that post on her instagram, it just confirmed it : (
I am super sad over it since that was one of the best stories I’ve came across on the app and got the pleasure to read.
@Insomniac_021 She’s stated that she will not continue it since it would be a lot of work to re-edit, so she’s going to focus on her other story or perhaps work on a new one. (In my opinion, it deserves to be on the app but it’s up to Episode to decide which stories they will ban or not)

She’s sad, too, but has to move on, and hopes that we enjoyed it :black_heart:

In the meantime, enjoy reading her other stories : )