Please help me find this episode story


A few years ago, I read an Episode story that really stuck with me.

I know it was a long time ago because it was in the Episode Classic art style.

In this story, the main character went to an island where she could be herself. A red-haired girl was her friend, and a dating option, and there were two male dating options. If you chose to date that guy, you found out the other guy was interested in him, and I remember this solely because I regretted making that choice.

The title was something like “N_______ Beach” or “N______ Island”, I forgot what the name of the island was but it started with an N, I believe.

It was a user-made story. I know that I found the story by searching for it, but since then, my outdated phone doesn’t have the searching feature on the updated app and I’m not sure if anyone remembers it let alone can find it.

It was a wonderful story. Please let me know if anyone can find out what it’s called.


I am just going by search results here, but is it Nasset Beach?


May I have the link, please?


I’m sorry, but I could not figure out how

How do you send a link to someone elses story?


There should be a share button next to the story, and you can copy a link!


It is not giving me any way to copy a link.


I found this on the old forums.


Thank you!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


You are welcome.


Glad you found your story, thanks for answering @Cricket_Master ! For future reference @limequartz posts like this belong in the Episode Fan Community section :slight_smile: Closing thread :v:t2: