Please help me find this story please!

I was playing a story and forgot to save it to bookmarks. I remember that it had the letter “L” in the title, was in the Top Community Romance on October 17th in the morning, and the main girl had a boyfriend named Russ? and the dad met the boyfriend while he dropped her off at the house and that dad didn’t like him. (it was also a limelight story)
The whole episode started out with me creating my girl character and transitioned to a cafe/restaurant with her two friends and boyfriend. One of her friends also hinted that she liked my characters boyfriend. Then after my girl got dropped off, the dad invited a guy (which I customized) to stay with my girl character while he went on a trip. I didn’t even get through the first episode and I am determined to find it!!! Please help a girl out!!!

Thank you in advance!!!

Off Limits by Sandra G?

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This is the story! Thank you so much!

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