Please help me find this story, please

Hey guys, please help me find this story.
A girl gets kidnapped by the Mafia or a gang i think but unbeknownst to her, the leader of the gang is her former classmate who she defended from bullying.

She is reported missing by her dad who is a corrupt politician who killed her mother and sister but she doesn’t know that he’s corrupt.

As the story progresses, she begins to help the leader with rivals and other clients but along the way, she gets abducted by a rival group of the gang.

I’ve explained it the best way i know how. Please help

No luck?
Any suggestions at all are highly appreciated, please

I remember that the story “The never ending fight” had a similar plot. Maybe this is the one you’re looking for?

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No this is not the story cause the mc is not a current student but thank you so much for your help :relaxed: