Please help me find this story!

I was reading a REALLY good story on episode. I can’t find the story anymore because I forgot what it was called. Please please help. Here are the details: there is a girl (mc) and she is with a boy. Her boyfriend leaves her behind to hang out with his friends. MC is on vacation when her boyfriend leaves her behind again and his dad finds her crying. He comforts her and then the wife suggest they go exploring cuz they both love it. They LOVE taking photos and MC carries camera with her alot. Wife and boyfriend hate taking photos and exploring. MC finds out that bf (boyfriend) had a baby wih another girl. Wife knew about this with out telling. Anyways, MC and dad fall in love and its really cute. They hang out in secret in fear of what others think. MC has a thing going on with a boy with purple spiked hair. They sleep together and he has a crush on her but they both know MC is in love with the dad. They are both in college. Then we find out the wife/ ex bfs mom is dying. And thats pretty much it. PLEASE PLEASE HELP. IF THIS SOUNDS LIKE ANY STORY YOU HAVE READ PLEASEEEEE TELL ME THE NAME OF IT. Thanks!! Please help!!

I think this story is called Your Dad, my Daddy. I may be wrong :thinking:

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