Please help me find this story 😭

Basically the main character has to help her father with financial problems. She has three little brothers (I believe). I think I remember them having different colored hair. One with blue hair, green hair, and red hair. The love interests approaches her in need of her help to get together with a girl he likes. The girl’s name is Aspyn (or Aspen). She helps the love interest and they develop a friendship. MC is considered a “charity case” by other people. Also Aspyn is a cheerleader and MC later becomes a cheerleader (I believe).

If anyone can please help me and tell me what this stories name is it would mean so much to me. Thank you. :sob:


I believe the story you are talking about is Read My Lips by @/elliewrites.episode :heart:


Thank you so much I’ll definitely check it out!

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