Please help me find this story :<

i need help too…sorry for my bad English! So, I started reading EPISODES when the pandemic started. I was using my old phone and now im using a new phone and my mistake is i didn’t back up everything and now i lost some saved stories! My old phone got lost :< So there’s this story about a girl and her dad living with her aunt and her girl cousin. Actually i can’t really recall if it was really her aunt or Step mom but, I believe the main character used to be rich too but the dad’s business failed and now the rich aunt let’s them live with them but the aunt treats her like a maid. Then one day, it was the birthday of her girl cousin and they planned a party inviting alot of rich people. The aunt also said that the cousin will get married soon. The main character was told to be a servant to her cousin’s party… the last part that i can remember is the leading man and the main character met at the party while she’s serving drinks. And the leading man was actually arranged to be married with her cousin… im very sorry about my English i tried my best to recall the plot :sob::sob: please help me find it :<


Idk but


And this

Thing only sounds like

I Married A Billionaire

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Haven’t u login with gmail while using episode?

I can’t recall the name but I think it was named something with wicked

This sounds like beneath her beauty.