Please help me fix this nightmare of a cheer routine :')

Hi, it’s me again lmao

I’m revamping my very first ever story, and it needs… a lot of fixing. Especially in the first several episodes where the directing is REALLY whack.

In Episode 1, the MC goes to cheer practice where the team runs through their routine for the state competition. The spirit is there, but my god, is it a mess. I have the skills and understanding to code it properly now, but I’m really struggling on how to go about fixing all this retroactively.

This is what I have:

Here’s what I’m hoping to fix:

  • Smoother transitions between movements so I can add in some cool pans and zooms, and also so there’s not so much pausing between stunts lol. I think past me was trying to get the sharp, competition cheer look here??
  • Instead of the crowd surfing animation, having the flyers dismount from their fulls with the jump animation. I’ve done this before in tandem with @CHARACTER walks to ______ in 0.5 and went in and tried, but it didn’t work :smiling_face_with_tear:
  • Honestly just making the code cleaner and not have so many line breaks and @s lol
  • And if anyone has any ideas on how to make a more realistic cheer routine with the new animations we have now (this was originally made in summer 2022), I would be happy to hear them!! Credit will be given <3

Tyia!!! :blob_hearts:

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