Please help me get to 500 reads! R4R's

Hey everyone!

So I’m trying to get my story out there for a while now, and I would really love it if I could get my story to at least 500 reads (currently at 441). I’m a small author and this amount would mean so much to me!:hearts::sob:

Of course, I’m willing to work for it, which is why I’m doing R4R’s! I have unlimited tickets so I can do this efficiently and the wait time won’t be too long.

Here’s how I’m doing it:

  • I will read the same amount of episodes as you’ve read of mine. (minimum of 3)
  • I need at least one screenshot per episode that you’ve read of mine (I’ll do the same).
  • I will start your story after you send me mine.
  • Post your stories below!
  • First come, first serve. Anyone who DM’s me the screenshots will go first.

Here are some important choices:

  • If you read the minimum of 3 episodes, I’ll finish yours quicker.
  • If you read the maximum of mine (7 episodes), regardless of how many episodes you have, I will post screenshots on my IG of your story AND post a review on the forum under your post (always positive).

Finally, here’s my story! Don’t forget to post yours down below with the link!
Thank you! :hearts:

Title: Remember Me
Number of Episodes : 7
Description: When Dean bumps into his first love, she doesn’t remember who he is. Through a series of misunderstandings, flashbacks, and heartbreak, will Dean hold on or forget her too?

Link :
IG: mila.episodes

Completed R4Rs:

Currently working on:

  • none

Still waiting to hear back from others!


Ill do it. I dont have a story published. But if I read your story can you hype for my new story. (I’ll pm the deets and cover) Also you’re story seems interesting. Also can you promote it on your IG sorry if this is demanding.

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Hi hun!

Thank you so much! :hearts:

I will absolutely hype up your story for you! DM me your IG (if you have one), all the details and the cover and I will post it on IG! Sound good? :blush:

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Yes thank you! I dont have IG though so just hype it on the forums or IG. :smiley:

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I gotchu girl! :wink::hearts:

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Hi, I would love to do a R4R with you :blush: I’ll send screenshots when I’m done reading yours!


Thank you darling! :hearts: Don’t forget to post or DM me your info too! :blush:


You might want to r4r with this girl.


Thank you for your suggestion! I just posted in that thread! :blush:

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Hey, I would love to do R4R with u :two_hearts:

Story info
Title: Wish You Were Weird.
Author: Ava.
Style: Limelight.
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Episodes: 3 (ongoing).
Description: Are we all weird in our way? Or we’re just stupid?

Choices Matter, limited CC for the main characters and full CC for ur character, tappable overlays, advanced directing.

IG: ava_stories_

Link to my story:
Let me know if you’re interested :slightly_smiling_face:

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Here is my story! :blush:

Title - All That Remains

Author - Ren

Instagram -

Genre - Adventure/Sci-fi with a little Romance, Drama, and Comedy

Style - INK

Number of Episodes - 5 (to be continued)

Link -

Description - Will Lily be able to save the lives of herself and her people on a planet that was almost completely destroyed by an asteroid impact over 400 years ago? (Full CC) (M/F LI)

Features - Full-CC of MC, Semi-CC of love interests, male and female love interest branches, CHOICES MATTER, point system, advanced directing, art scenes, tappable overlays

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Hi! :blush: Thank you for this thread! :heart: Are you interested in R4R?
Here is my story :two_hearts:
Title : Set me on fire
Author : Lizzie C.
Style : Limelight
Genre : Drama, Romance
Episodes : 4 (on going)
Description : Ellen’s a young and ambitious girl with a bright future. What will happen when she meet HIM? Arrogant billionaire with a broken soul. Will she set his heart on fire or he’ll darken her soul? Story based on a true events. [ CC, ART, choices matter ]
My IG : lizzie.epi
Link :
Story cover :

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Thank you for your post! :blush: Your story sounds very interesting! I’m just waiting on your ss of my story and I’ll get started on yours! :black_heart: You can DM me it here or on IG

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Sounds good :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for your post! Just DM your ss of my story and I will start yours :black_heart:

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Title: College Sin

Genre: Romance

Style: Limelight

Author: Nadein Gorges-Remigio

Instagram: angel _episode89

Description: Sheltered girl moves out to college and away from home for the first time. Being raised religiously she experiences what college has to offer. Follow her path in love, lust, drama, temptation, betrayal and forbidden desires.

Chapters: 3 (many more to come!)

Cover Photo:

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I’m on chapter 5

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Thank you for your post! I’m just waiting on the ss from you for my story and then I’ll start yours :black_heart::blush:

il check & add to my page. :v::blush:

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Thank you so much! :black_heart::blush:

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