Please help me, guys!

So I´m currently writing a script where a character enters a cafeteria and there are other people in the background as well.
Now I want one of the characters in the background to turn around and look behind him to watch the TV screen at his left.
He does turn around with any command including rear, however he just won´t face left.:triumph:
No matter what I do, he looks behind him to his right!
Please help me guys, I tried making him face left through commands but he won´t do it!:sweat:

This is my script currently:


&FINN spot 0.560 100 350 in zone 3

@FINN faces left

@FINN is idle_loop_rear

@cut to zone 2

@UNKNOWN enters from left to screen right

@pan to zone 3

@UNKNOWN enters from left to screen left

@UNKNOWN is listen_nod_neutral_loop

Artists, performers, professionals; all of them inspected the idea of this new exciting project and they all agree!

And this is how it looks:

See my problem?:weary:

Help would be very appreciated!!:kissing_heart:
(I feel so dumb, the answer to my problem probably is something REALLY simple…)


When you want your characters to do an rear-animation (idle_loop_rear in this case) and you want them to face left, you need to use @CHARACTER faces right command :wink:

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P.S. Next time post your questions regarding directing here: :wink:
Because this is a wrong category.

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Omg, thank you so much! It worked!:ok_woman:t2:

Oh and yes, I somehow didn´t see that category… I´ll make sure to hit the right category the next time.:woman_facepalming:t2::sweat_smile:

Thank you again and have a nice day!:raising_hand_woman:t2::+1:t2::leaves::heartbeat:

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No problem :blush: I’m glad that I could help :wink:

Thanks :smile::fairy: Have a nice day to you too :dog: :blush:

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