Please help me I am so confused

My rank has disappeared and it now says ‘calculating‘ I am new to the episode community and this is the first time my ranking has disappeared and I don’t know what it means. If you know please tell me because I am so confused

So this means that Episode has reviewed your story and encountered problems that violated the Episode Guidelines, and until you fix it, it will be removed from the rankings. They should’ve sent you an Email about it, if this is not the case then you probably going to have to send a Support Ticket…

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Thank you

Also, make sure to respond ASAP or not they are going to delete your story :eyes:

Oh my god thank you so much I am going to respond to them now

Wait what do you mean asap? Like do I need to reply the minute they email me? Or is there a time limit. Because what if I’m sleeping or something :skull:

On the email I got they said I have 72 hours

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Oh alright thank you!! I got worried

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As long as you keep them updated, there is no time limit to make changes to your story.

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