Please help me i ask you with all my heart :(


Hey everyone can somebody plz have a bit time to make a cover :frowning: everywhere i go people are just ignoring me or say that they help but they dont say anything after i dont want to accuse or blame anybody possible they are too busy idk i really work hard for my story :frowning:


@Epy.raven can help you.


I hope that too :frowning:


I can help. If you need, I have some examples.


Of course you can show me 1 if you want




Heres what I just made

II also made it an outline contet






Wow thats beautiful


Wooow thats amazing


Thx do you want large and small


For taking the white line of the character use ibis paint x for text use picsart


I want one small is a cover for my story


Is it free? Sorry, I just have a chromebook and I can’t get anything useful on it.


Yep yhere are


Thank you so much!


Actually i was make an outline bymyslef but is looks ugly

haha i know is sucks


Eowowowowoeoow amamamammamamamamammqmqmamqkaingngn wtwffffff


Danggggggggg I can help you improve