Please help me i have a problem

I had an account and i log out
Now I’m trying to login
but I can’t and when I created an account with the same email i saw that i don’t have my followers and my followings and i should create my profile again
What should I do ?

If you can’t login just use your email to change the password

IT didn’t work

Other than that there is nothing you really can do to recover your account, sorry. Hope you can figure out your problem and get your account back. :grin:

Hello @Jessicaparker! This is Camelost and we welcome you to the Episode Forums! Just a quick reminder to check out the Forum Tutorial for help on where to correctly create topics. Also if you’re having trouble with your account, send a ticket in here! Our support team will be more than happy to help! Thanks :sunglasses:

:joy:thank U

Hallo, I have a problem. Today I bought the 22 gems and they just disappeared, but I didn’t spend it. What should I do? Did I just lose my money?:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: