Please Help Me! I Need Ideas!

I am starting a new story. It is about two gang leaders that hate each other. It sounds kind of cliche, but I don’t want it to be. I want it to be unique and original. So, I need help. I need help with how to start my story. I feel like none of my ideas are good enough. IF anyone could give me some suggestions on how to start my story or how to make it unique, I would be very grateful to you!:sparkling_heart::blush:

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Trying something like my story one night stand by sh61599 It is a similar story with a whole new style. You can probably use those ideas to help you

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There is this sick help thread that @fcukforcookies made that not only helps with directing stuff, but with plot stuff as well! I am in the process of completely revamping my story because of this, and think that it is 10x better now. I think what would help you best is the 4th link, because your story is about gangs and stuff. So, yeah, just read through these and maybe you’ll come up with a really good plot. :grin::sparkling_heart:

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The girl who wrote She’s a Mafia Leader (Melli T.), actually did a really awesome job with this concept, I feel. Maybe reading some of that could inspire you?

thank you guys so much. i’m sure i can find something now💖 i love everyone on these forums so so much💕

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