Please help me I want the new update thing


I really don’t know how to get the new thing ?


What do you mean exactly?


What update thing?


What update thing?


If you mean the Episode App update, go to the play store and see if there’s a button that says install update.
If that doesn’t work, go under Settings to where you manage apps, and find Episode there.


You know they new forum yeah? I can’t get it like all the new backgrounds and characters


No I can’t get the new forums ?


This is the new forums.


Yeah but like when I go on episode the actual app, is there meant to be new backgrounds and characters for creating your own story or not ?


I think what you are looking for is in the Writer’s Portal, not Mobile Creation.


Oh ok thanks


You can go to
To do that
If you save, you can’t change anything on episode app.
I think this is the right link


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