Please help me ;-; im stressing out

this is stressing me out so much. Btw, if it helps, Ashton is the one with blue hair, who is behind both the cars, and Nick is the other one. I want Ashton to be just behind just the grey car, and to be infront of the pink one, and i want nick to be behind both of them, since he needs to be in the pink car.


Pink car should be at layer -1 so Nick should therefore be at layer -2 if you want him behind the pink car.
Silver car at layer 0 so Ashton should therefore be at layer 1 since you want him behind the grey car

if ashtons layer 1, he’ll be infront of it, did you mean Ashton layer 0 and the car layer 1?

lol yes, sorry. My brain is frazzled from school. Here’s a guide to help out more: 28833295_1979309742083121_278968817_n

hahaha, i get you.
and thank you sm <3

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You’re welcome, sorry for the confusion love :3

it’s working for ashtob, but not for nick.
lmao im stressing out

Can you show me your script? And who is who again, and who do you want in which car? I know you clarified up there but I think I got them mixed up.

Haha no bother. The one in the grey car and with blue hair, is Ashton and i want him behind the silver car, and Nick is the one with the manbun and i want him behind the silver car.


EXT. CITY HIGHWAY LOOP - DAY with CAR ANGLE SILVER to 1.000 -413 -60 at layer 1 with CAR SIDE PINK to 0.572 -62 136 at layer -1
&NICK stands screen right and NICK faces right and NICK moves to layer -2
&ASHTON spot 1.109 100 -104 and ASHTON faces right and ASHTON moves to layer 0

This worked for me when I tested it, you just have to fix Ashton’s spots, the problem was their layering was first (I totally didn’t pay attention, again frazzled lol). I believe you want their spots on the screen first. Layers can come after.

it worked! thank you. <3

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Yay! You’re welcome :3

Solved and closed :smiley:

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