PLEASE help me it's important

Can someone help me please and tell me how can i put the waiter infront the table so he can ask them what they want and leave please
How can i do that??
If anyone know pleasee help

Try @WAITER moves to layer 4


it didn’t work

Can you send a screenshot of your script?

Oh, try @OLIVIA moves to layer 4

but i did Previously and it didnt work

It might be that you can’t use layers with basic directing (screen left, screen right etc.) so try making the waiter enter to a spot.

Is the table your own overlay?

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no its not

no i didnt

i did that at first too and it didnt work

Is the overlay embedded into the scene?


If it is, I don’t think it would work. I think you’d need them to be seperate.

Then try setting both the overlay’s and character’s layer.

no its not

it didnt work

the table is not an overlay
its with the background

It is an overlay because your characters are behind it.
If it’s connected to the background, it’s embedded.

What background are you using?

the name of the background

i did try spot directing it aslo didnt work
wait a sec