Please help me name my story! (SOLVED)

I’m trying to pick between some names and help would be greatly appreciated!
The names are:

  • Orocia’s Hybrid
  • Angel Eyes
  • Split Soul
  • Splintered Universe
  • Angel of Destruction
  • Forbidden Child

A lot of people seem to like Orocia’s Hybrid but I just want to make sure I choose the right name

Here’s the plot:
Lorelai (mc) gets teleported to a different universe into the Kingdom of Orocia where there some different magical species by holding the devil’s pitchfork and reading something out, she is an angel devil hybrid but doesn’t know it yet. Angel devil hybrids aren’t allowed because there was one that destroyed many kingdoms around 1000 years ago. She has her mum’s angel eyes (pale blue )and her dad’s devil hair (bright red) She has to find a way back home but she also meets the prince who is a werewolf and she is his mate. She has to find a way back home but meets some people along the way including the Prince of the place she is in (Orocia). She also finds out more about her family and who she really is but there is some trouble along the way. The Prince says that she will be living in the castle. His advisor is becoming more grumpy by the day and is not all he says he is. Evil lurks and problems are at every corner. What will happen between her and the Prince? Will she get back home or stay in the magical land? There is more to it but that’s the main thing.


I like that name a lot as well! :blush:

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yesss your story seems so good! Personally my favorite names are-

Orocia’s Hybrid
Split Soul
Forbidden Child

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I like orchids hybrid but if u wanna look for other names maybe check out Story Title Shop! it has helped me a lot

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So cool! I think Split Soul sounds really great and catchy - people are attracted to simplicity! Hope the story goes well :clapping:

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Angel Eyes and Splintered Universe sound the coolest to me, since they sound more universal (rather than specific like Orocia’s Hybrid), and they are not as cliche-sounding as Forbidden Child and Angel of Destruction (that sounds very similar to the overused term “Angel of Death”) in my opinion.

After reading the summary, it seems Splintered Universe makes the most sense, as “Angel Eyes” only refers to apart of Lorelai (since she ALSO has devil hair, as you said).

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