Please help me! * NEW WRITER*

After years on and off playing episode I’ve decided to finally write one of my own. Especially with the low representation of POC characters and writers. But I need help, so here’s my list of questions:

  • I notice that some stories are very interactive. For example dressing games, timed choices, tappable cc templates, and mini-games. Also, how do you save choices, clues, and points for future chapters?
  • How do you create covers, backgrounds, and overlays?
  • Probably should’ve started with this, but how do you direct characters? The scriptwriting is very confusing and I want my story to look well put together.
  • How do you pan in and out for that extra effect in stories?
  • How do you make a character short? For example, a female character shorter than the male or kid characters
  • How do you make a character’s family look the same without all the extra cc? I hate playing stories and my mom, sister, brother, or dad don’t look like me
  • Speaking of cc, I notice some authors do in depth questions after customization like what range skin number are you or is your hair straight or naturally curly.

I know that’s a lot but it still feels like I’m missing more I should know, so please feel free to comment more things that could help me out!


I suggest watching Joseph Evans video’s on youtube, there he discusses all these topics!


Hey, please check the Guides on the Writer Portal. Go on the website and click help, after that click on Guides.
You can use @Dara.Amarie 's script templates. They can help you a lot, trust me. Click on her name and you’ll see a link to her website. Click on it.
You can also go on Youtube and search for Joseph Evans. He makes good and helpful tutorials. Or you can find other authors that make tutorials too!
As for the backgrounds, you can find them on websites with different types of backgrounds and you just download the background(s) you want. Then you go on the Writer Portal and click Art Catalog. There is a small box on the left that says “Backgrounds available for All stories” I think that’s what it says, but I’m not 100% sure! Click on it and then you’ll se a box that says “Backgrounds uploaded on YOUR account” I think, and then you upload your background.
Yes, you can make your background too but with programmes used for editing, for example Gimp and Photoshop. But I think it’s easier to find the background you need and just upload it on the portal because it takes less time :sweat_smile:

I typed fast and didn’t look back that’s why there are going to be a few grammar mistakes lol.

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I would recommend Joseph Evans, Mary D Sava, Episode notes and Bronte for good video tutorials but I can do a brief summary of answers to your questions.

  1. the if/ else command (research to know what I mean)
  2. It really depends what you are going for, covers you can make yourself using an editing program such as Pixlr or gimp (free) or get someone to do that for you or another alternative is hiring an artist, this will really bring in readers as most will pick a story with an art cover compared to an edited one. Backgrounds you can access from peoples google drives on Instagram (same with overlays) If you have a request that is unique some people can offer to make these for you as long as you credit for both options.
    3)Again youtube tutorials and the forums have some good ones too and if not you can ask and people will be happy to help you.
  3. tutorials or you can ask me in PM ( I don’t want to put a massive explanation in here.)
  4. ^
  5. The becomes command - @ Daisy becomes Lola - after this you will use certain features to change it so they aren’t the exact same as the MC
    Example- @ Daisy changes hair into Messy Sock Bun - This only works with Female to Female or Male to Male (you can find all the commands to this on the Dara Armarie website)
  6. They ask the skin tone one for overlays that match “better” and hair is probably because when authors change your Hair on their own.
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I would recommend you to watch YouTube tutorials like Episode notes, Joseph Evans, etc. Also check out Dara Amarie’s website for more advices!

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  1. To save choices = to remember choices

you can use points, gains or named choice
here you have it explained:

  1. how to create covers, backgrounds, overlays

if you really talk about creating you will need some program similar to photoshop to create your own covers, backgrounds and overlays - or you just for the backgrounds and overlays can use free sites as pixabay or use some somebody other did - several people do share their drives with backgrounds and usually just credit is required.

  1. how to direct characters
    Episode Limelight Tutorial 5 - PLACING CHARACTERS - YouTube

  2. how to pan in and out
    @pan to zone x in T

or if you mean zooms

  1. how to make character shorter = spot directing
    Episode Tutorial 7 - SPOT DIRECTING - YouTube

  2. how to make family members look the same

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