Please help me out?!

So i want my character to walk to a specific spot slowly and i want to add a walk animation like walk_neutral_rear but i dont know how to. every time i do try it doesnt work properly, Ive tried every way i can think of but nothing works. can anyone help me? -------------- Thank you to everyone who helped me the issue has been resolved, thank you :slight_smile:

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@CHAR walks to spot # in T AND CHAR is walk_neutral_rear AND CHAR faces right/left


@CHAR walks to spot # in 4 AND CHAR does it while walk_neutral_rear


thank youcbut thats still not working :frowning:

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thats still not working

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Can you share your script for the walk command so I can better understand where the code’s going wrong? Are you making your character walk between zones or not adjusting the zoom?

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Try that.

Here is a thread.
Another thread.


think you, ill try that and let you know

how do I share my script and no they arent walking through zones and no I’m not adjusting zoom. :frowning:

No that didnt work. it keeps doing the same thing where it goes to the spot but it doesnt actually walk there, it floats there if that makes sense

@Jade.epi can you help?

What style are you using? If LL isnt it walk_neutral_loop_rear? Ink is just walk_rear

its LL and I’ve been using the correct animation walk_neutral_rear

Heres an example:
@CHARACTER enters from right to screen left
@CHARACTER walks to spot 1.280 219 -6 AND CHARACTER is run_athletic

Have you tried the loop one? Only because I’ve seen that one being used more often. If it doesn’t work, make sure you haven’t any animations for that character before or after, it might interfere with the timings and cancel each other out.

I haven’t tried the loop one but I will right now and the only animation before is them entering the scene but there are three pauses before they move to the new spot and i havnt written anything after this becuase i want to get this right before i carry on

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Thank you so much, that was the problem, I didnt even think of using a loop animation, thank you for helping :slight_smile:

Yay! Pleased it worked! You’re most welcome :blush:

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