Please help me (overlays)

What should i write in the script so it appear like that, i tried copying the code but it didn’t work
What should i do please help me

@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1
Then the spot directing for the overlay

It didn’t work, what should i do??

Copy the coordinates of the overlay into the script from the little box under the previewer.

I do but it doesn’t work

You then going to have to drag where you want the flowers to be copy and paste the script underneath.

I did it but it doesn’t work,

Show me the script.

Ok so you need to put this.
@overlay OVERLAY create
@overlay OVERLAY opacity 1

It didn’t work as i want

please help me

You need to have the scales of the overlay right underneath the overlay dialogue

wich one? idk

the scales underneath what dialogue?

i did, it’s still the same

Is it in zone two?