Please help me. Seriously please

My story is INK

Ok so how exactly do I put script templates in my script all in the right order and the exact right way?
And two. How do I put props in my script in the right order and the exact right way???
Help me I NEED IT. My story is a book story mostly all dialogue. Its how my story will be. I love to help people by writing a story and stories and all that u know. Ill never give up. Plz anyone help me pleaz.

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To add props use

@add PROP to CHAR

to remove props use

@remove PROP from CHAR

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So too use script templates you have to first view them, then you click it and some will ask which character each character is. Say you want BG1 to be your MC Then you would replace it with this.

Hopefully this helps!

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Basically it has all coding and everything I need to know in it with everything correct?? Thank u.

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