Please help me TImer coding

The purple time. Anyone know the code? Also the function

Uh I am not getting at all your question.:thinking: What has the picture to do with epidode coding?

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The purple cirlce… Is overlay timer

So you are trying to make tappable timed game and having there animated timer?

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I once tried tappable timed and it kinda didnt worked but it was I guess just me.:rofl:

Anyway. Making the blue thing animated so that it lookl like every second it gets smaller part of the blue is simple.for example if you have them t timed for10seconds and every second you want it to change you have to create separate different looking overlays for every second and you simply change them every second.

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Thank you for your help ^^. I’ll take note.

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Closed: Marked as solved by op :yay: Thanks to @Farah_DeSantis for all the help :v: