Please help me to get story reads

Who really loves me?

Who really loves me? I used my own personal experience, but skylar is facing a family issue, but she also risking her own life by joining her uncle’s mafia, will her boyfriend be happy or mad at her. You can customize your main character and love interest

Of course!!! R4R or do you not do those?

I’m confused

R4R means read for read. It means Lucy will read your story, and send screenshots, and you will read Lucy story in return and send screenshots. That’s what R4R means.

Thank you for clear and I am sorry

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Nah, don’t be. You didn’t know. It’s okay. :wink:

It’s ok most people don’t know what it means

Thank you and I hope you like my story this is my first time using episode and I try my best in each chapter 1-5

I do the same

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I’m down for a read for read!

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Thank you

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