Please Help me w art! 😁

Sooo Iam currently struggling in drawing and making art and I really want to learn how to draw well…i try every day but i just don’t see any progress. I can only draw boring things and i wanna improve my art style and perspective.

I also procrastinate soo much and drawing not so good looking art makes me more demotivated…

Any recommendations to some good tutorials or a good learning method? Maybe a good free art class? :joy:

Any help is appreciated! :revolving_hearts:

I’m currently planning an art school on here, it still might take a bit until everything’s ready. But if that’d be fine with you, you can already sign up here, so that I could tag you as soon as I’ve opened it:


Thank uuu! I will check it out

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hello may i ask what art are you making? is it traditional or digital? because if it’s digital, i posted some digital drawing tutorials on the forums for a short bit :3

Digital! I wanna learn an artstyle like the ones in manhwas and just good looking art in general :()

even if you don’t feel you’re improving you are🥰
my art when i first joined the community and now

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Wowww :heart_eyes: thx for the tip!

well you’re in luck, my drawing tutorial threads are still up, but those are more for rendering if anything. if you’re up for video tutorials, then i’d highly suggest markcrilley ( for nearly everything since the man’s been making tutorials and uploading drawing content since i was in highschool. he’s got both perspective and anime tutorials on his channel if you’re interested.

improving on artstyle tho, is a whole different story, aside from practice, i can’t really suggest all that much since the artstyle just comes to you the more you draw, but if you’d like a hint, it’s usually what you’re more comfortable drawing with after studying various artstyles from different artists.

i.e. the majority of my artwork is mostly influenced by anime from the 2000’s to early 2010’s including the movies, j-pop song animations, a bit of modern and classic disney; Vivienne Medrano’s early character concept art and work, impressionist paintings, and 3d background making.

TLDR: every bit of my style is more or less an analysis on studying other artist’s techniques and integrating it bit by bit to how I draw, so I suggest doing studies on the artists you look up to, try to figure out how they drew like that in the first place, then try adding it in your drawing process

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Thank you soooo much! That was so helpful :sob::cupid:

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