Please help me with a cover for my story

I need a cover art for my story. I’ll use the cover at the intro.
Here are the details about the story and the character that I want to appear in the art.
Story title - The secret wolf
Author’s name - thegreywolf
Genre - fantasy
Style - INK
Instagram - thegreywolf.episode
The character I want to appear is a girl.
Character details:
Body color - light
Eyebrows - defined natural
Hair - beach wave hair - color:white
Eyes:upturned bold - color:purple
Nose:soft natural
Lips:blossom lips - lipstick color - blush

Outfit: Top - Violet panel cropped hoodie
Pants - Cadet blue high waisted pants
Shoes - Baby blue pastel platform boots

Colors to use - purple,blue.

This is the background for the art.

Please help me with this cover. I really need it for my story.
Thank you.


If you still need it I can make it for you a little bit later :blush:, PM me all the details and anything else you’d like.

If you need a cover then just write me here⬆︎

@Mrs.Black_Cat_Write May i have a a cover for my 1st and 2nd story please ? i look forward to hearing back from you , please and thank you

Of course you can. I just need to know
the details about your two covers.

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@Mrs.Black_Cat_Write i replied back and thank you .

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What face shape?

It doesn’t matter anymore.
But thank you anyway.

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Haha All good!