Please help me with a gun overlay

hey .
do you know how i can make a gun overlay ?

Hey you can check out this thread:

Here, I suggest people on Episode who have backgrounds and overlays you can use, giving credit, of course.

It’s a place for free images, so if you type in gun you might find some images.
You could always crop out an image of a gun or get one edited of a gun.

I know for sure, my friend Alexandria had a gun overlay in her story and Victoria Masina had one, so it is possible.

However, Episode also has the prop for a gun.

@add Handgun to a CHARACTER

and to get rid of it:

@remove Handgun from CHARACTER

Good luck!

thank you very much

In addition=
This link above is a sample picture from Pixabay of a gun but I’m not sure if Episode will approve of this overlay-it’s free to use under CC0 Creative Commons (Free for commercial use and
No attribution required)

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I have one that I’m using for my story. It is a free stock photo
feel free to use it

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@Stargazer54 THANK YOU

If you ever want an overlay like that just go on google and go to settings, then there is advanced search, click that, then you can select the type of photo you want, and there’s an option to find photos that are ONLY labeled for commercial use.

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Also- if you are unsure if that is a real stock photo, you can go to the website that the picture was from. I usually check to make sure it’s from a stock photo website- or if it just says: Free stock photo- or: Free photo

thanks for the help , i really appreciate it

You’re welcome, I like helping people with stuff like this when I can. Saves you the time to make an overlay or wait to request it.