Please help me! With making double char names

I’m making a story where the MC has a evil robot version of her self! But, I can’t get her display name right! Someone please help

Here’s what it looks like

And here’s the Robot’s display name.
Her script name is COPY
This is her display name

I’ve tried two names: FIRSTNAME and FIRSTNAMEBOT

Try it like this:
FIRSTNAME spot ###
FIRSTNAME (animation)
I will turn into a bot now

&COPY spot ### (the same One FIRSTNAME was at)
COPY (animation)
I’m a bot now

Is that what you wanted?

OK Uh…I am really not sure what is the problem because the display name you put in is what shows up…so…what name you want to be displayed?

has it something to do with inputs? That you gived reader option to name the MC and you want the copy to have the same name?

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As you have written the Display name to be FIRSTNAMEBOT, it will show that unless you allowed your reader to change the name of your main char which in turn should change the evil bot’s name.

Here’s what you can do:

  • If your reader is naming the char

      What is your name?
      label first_name_input
      input What's Your First Name?|What's Your First Name?|Done(NAME)
      if (FIRST_NAME is "") {
      You need a name
      goto first_name_input
      } else {
  • Now if you want this name to be displayed as the character name, or evil robot name, go to; Characters > Main Character > change display name to NAME

  • Same for the bot
    Characters > Evil bot > change display name to NAME

  • If your character is not named by the reader, you can put any name you want!

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Yes I do! I just want to have the number 2 at the end of their name!

So, I need to have the main character, and the robot’s display name, “NAME” and then I can write the robot’s name, and put a number 2 right after it?

If you put NAME in the display, it name shown for both the characters will be the one the readers chooses.
I don’t know if it will have a number 2 by it

I have an idea! I’ll name both characters NAME and then the reader can tell the difference because, the robot version is mean!

That’s a great idea!

@Nick can you close this?

You got it @Tay11 :smiley: Thanks for marking it as solved :v: