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I’m trying to tell a family-based story rather than finding love, one that episode is known for. So I will focus more on family dynamics, and there will be no LI.

The following characters will be included:

  • A deaf character (MC)
  • A character with Autism
  • Both straight and gay relationships.
  • A Non-Binary Character (Sibling to MC)

I have done a lot of research on all topics, but if you wish to give your own experience to strengthen my story, please do.

Name of story: The Seagull and the Dog. (I’m open to more suggestions for story names)

My story is split into two and will be short (around 5 or 6 episodes). The POV will be told from the MC’s hearing dog and a seagull that visits them most days.

If you think this is a story you might want to read and don’t want to know what happens, then don’t read on.

MC is called Oliver or Olivia, depending on the sex you choose. For now, I will call her Olivia.

Olivia has come back home from travelling for a year. She is given Tukker, a hearing dog, a bit of surprise from years of being on the waiting list to get one. She spends little time at home before she moves 3 hours away for her new job. She has been an active person on the environmental issue. She has done a permaculture course which leads to farming.

The story begins 3 months after Olivia moved away when she returns home for her birthday. Speck (the seagull) has taken an interest in Olivia and Tukker. He has been visiting them most days. When Olivia goes missing (she has gone home, but Speck doesn’t know that), Speck goes frantic, and I want him to try and find Tukker and Olivia.

I have already figured out the story from Tukker’s POV, and he goes home with Olivia, and I won’t discuss that.

As for point systems, Speck collects points for being selfish (you don’t want this), and Tukker gains points for being friendly towards Speck. Depending on points, they either become friends or not.

I’d like some ideas on what to do with Specks POV. All I know is that his annoying little sister tags along.

Thank you all who have read this.

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Sounds really interesting! I’ve been dying to read a story on the app from an animal’s POV since watching movies like A Dog’s Purpose for ex.

Perhaps Speck encounters people on his journey and we (the audience) can learn from what he sees like how people might react, treat, aid, understand (or lack thereof) people who are affected or surrounded by those who live with deafness and autism, as well as those who identify as gay, non-binary or otherwise?

You could also add like self-revision quizzes where Speck tries to remember things about such topics and he or we can either gain or lose points whenever we chose a right/wrong answer?

I suppose you could also implement “clues” to Olivia and Tukker’s whereabouts too like something she dropped along the way or a wrapper of something he saw her eating but it just missed the edge of a bin and ended up the ground where Speck saw it. Things like that.
Up to you if you want to make it possible for readers to collects clues though or not.

Perhaps Speck could also observe other dogs and come to realize what he likes and dislikes about Tukker more in-depth. Same could be said for Olivia too.

You could also add in some scenes that build character development and strengthen the relationship between Speck and his sister. Optional whether you want to add choices and points for those though!

I’m also thinking since he’s a seagull, you could also add timed choices like dodging planes, or cars etc in time and make some choices quite fun like “Poop on the bully.” “Chase the bully.” “Do nothing. Stay on the branch.” :person_shrugging::joy:

Maybe some other choices too like “Beg for chips.” “Keep your distance.” and if you manage to get the chips from the stranger you can choose whether to share them with your sister or not (selfish point / selfless point??).

Just a few ideas.
Lmk when you release though because I’d love to try out your story!

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I’ll definitely be included this. It made me laugh!! :joy:

But all your ideas are worth me thinking about!

Thank you so much.

Would you like to be credited? If so, how??

I just remembered have you read The Lake by J.Miley? The POV is not exactly from an animal’s POV, but the MC is cursed to be a unicorn by day and human by night (I think, or it’s the other way around).

Baha you’re welcome! If you need more ideas, hit me up. You can credit me if you want, it’s really up to you.

I have. (:

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